September 30, 2014
Baby Z is now 3 weeks old! He's so alert it's a little scary, because we remember X being alert (but not this alert) at 3 weeks. Baby Z eats a lot and is fast turning into the quintessential cherub-looking baby. He's adorable: of course to us he is the cutest baby we've seen since Baby X. He is trying to hold his head up already and can hold it for a few seconds at a time. He does pretty well with tummy-time and is lifting his head up off the floor regularly when on his tummy. He only cries when he needs a diaper change or food, well, I can't really say that exactly. He seems to get fussy inconsistently after eating and we can't figure out if he's having tummy issues or if he is tired. Often after being a little fussy, he'll fall asleep, so maybe tired? He's sleeping 5 hours at night (thankyou!) and so, while we are sleep-deprived, we aren't complete and total zombies. Just half-zombies.

October 17, 2014
Baby Z hit an all time high of 34 ozof formula yesterday! S reported that all he did was feed him...haha. Baby Z is holding his head up, albeit it's still a little floppy, and is turning to look at things that catch his attention (mostly lights). I swear he smiled at me yesterday.  It happened more than once when I was holding him and baby-talking to him, plus he crinkled his eyes, so I call that a smile, not just gas. His eating routine has settled down, and we've pretty much figured out how it goes, so it's not feeling as erratic anymore. He tends to go about 3 hours in-between feedings and will take anywhere from 4oz to 5.5oz. It still takes a while to feed him, because he needs to be burped about 3 times during the feeding, and he doesn't seem to have a particularly strong suck. He'll take a pacifier here and there, but it's not like he's completely figured it out, and tends to spit it out unless he really needs it. 8pm appears to be a slight witching-hour when he needs to be swaddled to calm down. Usually, it just takes a swaddle, a little swinging time or holding time, and he's fast asleep until his next feeding. S reported that there are some days when Baby Z prefers the swing to being held. He must really like the movement and we don't do it right! His eyes are still gray and sometimes look brown, then sometimes look dark blue, mostly in sunlight. His hair is sandy blond, what hair he has that is, as he's a pretty bald baby in contrast to X who had black hair, eyebrows and long eyelashes as a newborn. Baby Z has the lightest blond eyebrows and you can barely see his eyelashes. Sleep deprivation is catching up with both me and S. It's not that we are getting very little sleep, it's that we are getting less than ideal amounts of sleep and the cumulative effects are beginning to be felt. I get about 6-7 hours a night and there's no catching up on the weekends, because Z usually eats at about 6am or so.

December 1, 2014
Baby Z has settled down on the eating, and as we had a problem with how to measure said formula (like the can says? or how much 5 oz of water results in, which is about 5.5 oz?) Yes, overthinking. Anyway, we decided to stick with what the can says and he's really eating about 30 oz a day. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. His hair is getting darker and his eyes seems to vacillate between slate gray and gray-blue most of the time, although occasionally you can see a little brown. He started rolling over from tummy to back (both ways!), and he likes tummy time way more than X did. Well, like is a relative term, he lasts longer anyway. Over the last couple of weeks he started to sleep through the night as long as we feed him at about 9:30-10:00pm. Lucky for me now that I'm on leave!  haha. He still doesn't take a pacifier, but feeding has gotten easier and burping a little bit easier.

December 14, 2014
Baby Z is inconsistent on the rolling over. Sometimes he does it, but most of the time he gets pissed off about this whole tummy time thing and cries until we pick him up. Hey, he knows how to get what he wants! He's starting to reach for toys and grasping sometimes. Lots of times, when we put him in the bouncy chair, he'll just kick kick kick his feet non-stop. The kid wants to run.

January 28, 2015
Baby Z has discovered grabbing, playing and rolling from back to tummy! He'll roll from his back to his tummy to get a toy and then scream bloody murder instead of rolling from tummy to back. It looks like he wants to crawl and is frustrated that he can only manage little scoots. That's the current theory anyway since he can obviously roll around easily. Smiles and giggles are coming easily, and he still loves it when I sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". That's our special attachment as S doesn't get the same reaction. At his 4 month appointment (a couple weeks ago) he was trucking along the 50%-tile curve on the growth chart. His eyes may still be changing, but as of now it seems they are hazel. They definitely change according to lighting, sometimes green, sometimes brown-gray, sometimes blue-gray. We can't tell what color his hair will be, although his eyebrows are reddish-brown. I'm guessing a light reddish-brown based on the peach fuzz that's slowly growing in.

August 5, 2015
Well, what they say about the second child is true. There are less pictures, I haven't kept up on recording his milestones as well, and I still don't have his adoption story book completed. Poor kid. Anyway, in the 7 months, a whole lot has happened. He's crawling everywhere, and walking along furniture. He's started pushing his walk behind toys and as soon as he gets his balance, he'll be off and running! He loves to eat and will put everything in his mouth, we really have to keep a close eye on him as we've found paper, carpet fuzz, dog hair, pebbles, and a beetle (ew). The way he approaches food compared to X is night and day. I've realized that X was always a picky eater and cautious, where Z will accept and put something in his mouth without even thinking about it. (the pickle was super entertaining, but he didn't spit it out!) We've followed more of a Baby Led Weaning style of giving him food, which is a departure from X as well. Part of the reason we were interested in following it is that our pediatrician changed their recommendations for food introduction. With X, there was a long list of foods to avoid until he was a year old, and a recommendation that he try one thing three times to watch for allergy. With Z, they said, "Give him everything except honey, even peanut butter!" at his 6 month appointment. What??!  Anyway, since we haven't had to worry so much about ingredients in prepared food, it's been a lot easier to feed him. I'm still attached to food pouches despite their non-recyclable nature, but sometimes, it's just easier. He was moved to the older infant room at daycare and there are some full-on toddlers in that room. He was tired for a couple weeks after the transition, but has settled into it pretty well. I love that I have kids who like school. While he's recognizing now that I leave and sometimes cries at drop off, I've noticed that as soon as I'm out the door, he will happily play with his teacher.

We had battled a persistent ear infection (5 rounds of antibiotics in a row) before deciding to put tubes in his ears. He came through that surgery fine, but developed a couple fevers in the days following the surgery. The day of surgery he was totally fine, and then the following day everything was great and we took him to daycare. That night he spiked a fever over 102F and I called the on-call doctor. Turns out surgery can suppress the immune system enough that if a virus was lurking, it has an easier time taking hold.  He seemed fine the next day and we only gave him one dose of ibuprofen that night, so we took him to school (*ahem* yeah, maybe shouldn't have). The second night he spiked another fever around 103F while S and I were having a getaway weekend in the mountains. My parents were watching him and I had massive guilt over thinking that the fever was gone. They took care of him though, gave him some ibuprofen and acetominophen and after kind of a rough night, he woke up fine. He was great the rest of the weekend (whew!) so S and I were able to enjoy our weekend. When we picked him up from my parents house we discovered 3 things that may have been contributing to the unhappiness, 1) They never gave him his he sleeps with that and 2) 2 new teeth at the same time pushing through! So, the poor kiddo had a few things happening at once. The day we picked him up he was still a bit fussy about eating, probably because of the teeth. Everything is good now and he's back to his smiley baby self.

It's hard to believe that he's 11 months old already and we have to plan his birthday party! That'll be exciting.