I found a resource in an unlikely place, bando.com. I went to the website first, if I remember right because it was mentioned in a Girlboss newsletter. Turns out, it's a pretty fun place to buy gifts and it's founder, Jen Gotch is a fixture on Instagram promoting her business along with sharing her struggles with bipolar. She recently launched a podcast, and one of the episodes focused on her emotional rating system. The basic gist is to check in with yourself about how you feel for tracking depression.

I've started using it to help me realize when depression hits me hard. This is my scale:

  1. Awful 😭

  2. Really really bad 😩

  3. Can’t get out of bed ☹️

  4. Flooded - angry and/or crying, non-functional 🤬😭

  5. Numb, emotions shut down but functioning 😶

  6. Meh. Going thru motions 😐

  7. Anxious, jittery 😬

  8. Pretty good 🙂

  9. Feeling well and meaning it. 😊

  10. Ah-mazing 😁