Hi, I’m Geochick.

Welcome to my blog. What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy and spiritual awakening. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

The 2nd Opinion Meeting

Ann asked what the meeting is so I thought maybe I should elaborate. The 2nd opinion meeting is when we meet with the director of the agency and read over our homestudy write-up to make sure all the facts are correct. We also turn in our video and our letters and then we're in the pool!

So, the letters....I can't find any halfway interesting stationary that a) will copy well, and b) is 8.5x11. Apparently no one likes to write on 8.5x11 sheets of paper so Crane & Co. came up with this stupid "Monarch" size that's "almost 8.5x11 but not quite. Whatever! I did find some paper at Office Max that's kind of cool, but I think it's just copy paper, not anything nice and heavyweight like expensive stationary. I asked our SW yesterday about the paper size and she said it should be 8.5x11 so it's easy to copy. Question of the day; do I use expensive yet boring stationary, or do I go with the paper that's not quite as nice but looks more interesting and would stand out? Decisions decisions. I can't believe I'm stressed over PAPER.

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