The 4th of July....

Kind of forgot about that in all the craziness that's been going on. We spent a good chunk of Friday and Sat dealing w/ house stuff and getting bamboozled by backsplash tile. I think I finally found some (online of course) that fits my "vision". I didn't know I had a vision until I had rejected approximately 800 different tiles. :-p Saw some fireworks on Friday night that were freakin' awesome! It's been so long since we actually saw a real fireworks show and the itty-bitty city in the middle of the big city (seriously, this city is approximately 8 blocks big, it's weird) puts on a great show where the fireworks are practically over your head.

Here's some tile that I found on modwalls. Super cool site and I got samples so I can see what the colors are for real!

I love the round tile for behind our sink and range. The big tile is for the rest of the backsplash. Either big tile goes with this one.

S likes this combo quite a bit. I like it too but I feel like the multicolored tile might be a little bit too trendy and will look dated in a few years.

Our contractor is bugging us about it since it can take a while to get it in so we need to make a decision today or tomorrow. Might take one more trip to a store in town to see if I can get similar tile locally.