Hi, I’m Tara.

What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy, spiritual awakening and whatever I feel like writing. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

Hello Weather!

Well it was an interesting night in the greater metro Denver area. Let me preface by explaining how crappy yesterday was. i.e. General b!tch session ahead:

1. I've had a rash for two and a half weeks on my arms and a tad on my legs but it wasn't itchy so I figured it would go away, plus I started taking allergy meds in the hope that would knock down the inflammation. No dice. Yesterday the stupid rash got ITCHY and I wore the wrong damn clothes making it worse. Emergency trip to dermatologist results in steroid meds. yippee.

2. S is full-on LOSING HIS MIND over a project at work. It hasn't gone as smoothly as he wanted and they are trying to get the final drawings and specs out the door this week. He is a barrel of fun let me tell ya'.

4. PMS need I say more? Plus the itching arms/chest. Oh yeah, I'm a happy camper.

5. Our office was almost 80 degrees yesterday afternoon compounding the itchy rash getting irritated by my clothing problem I had. I wanted to scream by the time 4:30 came around.

6. My microphone I use to teach jazzercise died. Well, the ac adaptor died. Still, it's annoying to have to use borrowed mics when I'm so used to mine.

So, with all of these little crappy things going on we finally manage to get to bed around 10 pm. I couldn't sleep because of the itching, damn steroid cream doesn't work right away I guess and S was tossing and turning. 10:45pm. My freaking mother calls the house. I'm thinking someone died or is in the hospital. Nope, she called to tell us there was a severe thunderstorm. Duh. I can't sleep partly because of the strobe light outside our window also known as a crapload of lightening. We got a bunch of rain - yay! I forgot to water the flowers yesterday and that was it.

This morning I found out why my mom was freaking out at 10:45 and thought she should call us. They live in the area of town that basically got hit by a tornado. The storm was a freak "supercell" rotating thunderstorm that broke two of their windows on the house (horizontal hail), downed a bunch of tree branches, uprooted trees, power poles, downed power lines general armageddon type stuff. Good news is everyone is ok since it was an EF-1 tornado, it was quite weak and really quick - my parents didn't even have time to get into the basement before things started quieting down a bit. Definitely a storm for the books, especially since my parents live close enough to the mountains that we never think a tornado can form there!


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