How many engineers does it take....

to figure out an oven?

This thing is way too complicated. There's buttons, and touchpads and it takes about 3 steps to get to the point that you set temperature. Good grief. Combined with that it has "rules" about types of bakeware, rack placement, yada yada yada.

Hey, did you know that if you have shiny steel racks you aren't supposed to leave them in the oven when you run a self-cleaning cycle? No wonder the racks in my old oven don't glide anymore. More like lurch and stick and generally cause some kind of swearing. Oh, and I found out that to help them glide better you just have to oil 'em up with cooking oil or something. Maybe I should read directions more often.

Brief update on the "I don't want to talk about the kitchen". Long story short - the tile guy f-ed up our countertops over the weekend and the soapstone guy had to come out yesterday to fix them. They're all better now and we started moving our stuff back into the kitchen last night. Without the dishwasher we have to wash it all by hand before putting away because we were doofuses and didn't cover stuff up. Who knows what kinds of chemically laden dust is all over them right now.