Perfect Moment Monday: First time playing

This weekend was recovery from both of us having ridiculously crazy work weeks and the adoption classes from the previous weekend.  My perfect moment came when I started going through the book of baby names driving to the dog park Sunday morning.  Perfect weather, perfectly relaxing and perfectly hilarious:

Me:  What about Seth?
S:  silent, driving
Me:  What about (next name)?
S:  Wait, I have to process the first name:  says the name out loud with our last name, says, "hey we named you after the guy who created Fa.mily!"   Yeah, sure it sounds ok, mark that one.
Me:  Ok, what about Stone?
S:  (repeats similar process)... Huh. 
Me:  Yeah, we can't name our child after a beer we like...

...and on and on all the way to Chatfield...

p.s.  Pretty soon there's going to be a giant list of possible names posted on our living room wall for us to peruse over the next year or so.  :)

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