Yowza! I have muscles in my feet!?!

So I actually got off my "should I/shouldn't I" train and took a ballet class.  A beginning adult class so that I wouldn't get too frustrated with myself since I'm such a perfectionist.  It was alot of fun and it felt pretty good when the instructor told me I need a more challenging class.  (side note:  It's been 17 years since I really trained and 12 years since I tried to go back the first time)  Nice little boost to the ego.  I think what helps me the most compared to trying to go back right after college is that I know that I will not look like I used to, I'm more comfortable with the 20 lbs I put on since I was 18, and I'm trying to not look in the mirror too much.  :)  Maturity really does play a role sometimes doesn't it?