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Welcome to my blog. What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy and spiritual awakening. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.


That's where are on the list.  Up 4 from where we started 3 months ago.   And, we were told that it's quite slow this year (61 placements in 2008 and so far 23 in 2009).  Looking like our wait will be on the longer end unless we can find an expectant mother ourselves.  So, I guess I'll mention it to my doctor and our parents that we can do a designated adoption should the opportunity present itself.  I don't really feel like marketing us too much but we will have our profile put up on Adoption Options website. 

We met with our new caseworker today to get to know her and to clarify some of the process.  We may or may not stay with her depending on what the agency decides in December.  They've had a bit of a baby-boom and have 3 workers out on maternity leave so they're waiting to find out who's planning on coming back to work!  Since our temporary caseworker is also the placement supervisor we could be shuffled again in a few months. 

Here's what we talked about today:
1.  Our letters are long.  She doesn't want us to try to shorten them yet (they must read ok) but to keep in mind after getting feedback from expectant mothers we might have to.

2.  We have to get the items on our homestudy home-visit taken care of before placement.  That means we have to figure out a way to install a handrail of some sort on a 27-inch wide stairwell (fantastic), get the railing on the stairs to the basement and cover the 1-foot deep window wells in the front of the house that already have landscaping which discourages foot traffic near them.  See me rolling my eyes yet?  I find this part so damn annoying because in our minds we just need to do the railing on the basement stairs and the other stuff is FINE. 

3.  I'll go crazy getting monthly updates of barely moving up the list or not moving at all so we decided that we want to be called when we're being profiled.  At least I can attempt to relax before then.  And ski.  And go to the Carribbean.  And ski.  And ski some more...and who knows, possibly go to Vietnam for a dam(hee hee) conference in May. 

4.  Don't get a car seat yet.  WTF.  I keep getting mixed signals on this one.  But, we won't get one, I'm starting to get the feeling that we're on the 1.5-2 year wait at the moment.

5.  There's one more class after placement we'll have to attend and there's 3 visits by the caseworker between placement and finalization. 

It was a great meeting although I still can't and maybe never will shake the feeling that I'm being interviewed everytime we have a meeting.  I realize that now it's up to our profile, our match, and not a whole lot up to the agency but that feeling won't go away.

Little side story:
We were discussing resources on the internet and finding blogs to read and our caseworker said something about a blogger who had a placement last week...and I was like "I know who that is!"  *giggle*

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