Hi, I’m Tara.

What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy, spiritual awakening and whatever I feel like writing. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

Open Adoption Examiner Book Tour

Lori (see link below) has set up a book tour and it's a book that I'm nervous about reading.  Unbelievably nervous.  In fact, I've been avoiding this book ever since I found it on my quest to find information about adoption.  I tried reading "Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew" and I got about halfway before I had to put it down because I freaked out.  That was at least 6 months ago and there it sits on my bookshelf with the bookmark in the same spot.  As an adoptive parent I think we always want to have sunshine blown up our behinds because it's so difficult emotionally anyway.  To force yourself to explore potential issues that may bring up your own problems adds another emotionally draining straw to the pile.  I think I need to explore these issues anyway because of my own experiences.  I just don't want to.

So, as I prepare to delve into this book (then pass it on to S) it's with a big heaping ton of trepidation.  But, we want to go into this eyes wide open.

Before I get to "The Primal Wound"...

Maybe This is Why I'm Exhausted