Hi, I’m Tara.

What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy, spiritual awakening and whatever I feel like writing. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

Oh I Am So Peeved at A Car Dealership Right Now...

I didn't want to ruin my Perfect Moment Monday with the tale of driving to the airport at 5:15am last Wednesday.  You know, when it started to ice over before the storm really hit?  A mile from home I slid into a curb rendering my car barely driveable.  Luckily S stumbled out of bed to drive me to the airport (world record for getting ready!).  Made the flight which was also lucky since the next flight was cancelled due to the snow.  *whew*

So...with the steering wheel knocked out of whack and barely keeping control of my car I managed to drop it off at a dealership. They called me late Monday afternoon to tell me it was going to cost $1100.00 to replace the tie rods (they were seized) and move the engine cradle back into place (knocked to the side) so that they could try to do an alignment.  I felt pretty uncomfortable with that quote so I decided that despite the annoying time-sucking it would involve I would get a second opinion.  Funny thing, when I picked up my car from the dealership they had changed the oil and put on my snow tires (haha, late I know) as requested and my car was driving quite well.  I left it with the mechanic and to my utter shock I received a call 3 hours later that my car was ready.  All it needed was an alignment.  $50.00

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  The main reason I went for a second opinion was because the quote was so high.  I figured I'd be charged less taking it to a reliable independent.  But to find out that there was NOTHING wrong with the car has me absolutely furious.  I've never really felt comfortable with the dealership in the first place but they're close to work and it's convenient plus I've either known what was wrong with the car or just brought it in for maintenance. 

ooooohhhhhh  B-B-B is going to hear about this one.

Overall the trip was really great.  We had good weather the day we were in the field and it's always fun to visit a national park (national recreation area).  Thursday night we visited Hobo.ken and  That was tons of fun, the Yan.kees were playing (and won) and we found a fun bar to watch the end of the game.  Friday was walking insaneness in the city before flying out.  I was way too pooped to do anything Sat. night besides handing out candy and going out to dinner.  I'm already planning on going back for vacation - probably next year!

On the adoption front I'm amazed at how fast (it's November already!) and slow (it's only been 4 months waiting?!?) time moves.

What is "Normal?"

Private Practice got it wrong....