Perfect Moment Monday

The kitchen is 100% FINISHED.  We finally found an accent paint color that works.  The first color was blue.  Bright baby-blue.  Brighter than we thought and so totally did not go with the backsplash tile.  Once I started on the wall I knew it wasn't going to work but I blithely went ahead and painted everything anyway.  We had a party to host and something had to be on the wall!  After the party we re-primered the wall and slapped up a bunch of patches of brown colors thinking we needed a neutral, yet dark color.  S hated all of them.  Re-primer again and this time tested dark teal colors.  Lo and behold, we found one we like, S painted the walls yesterday and we're done!  I'll add a pic tonight, I'm just so excited I had to post this morning.  :)'s a picture.  Hard to capture with a skinny kitchen.

I Capture

Perfect Moments.