Perfect Moment Monday - mmmm homemade linguine

As a Jazz.ercise instructor I've been trying to start up what we call Per.sonal To.uch classes (5 peeps max, strength training class) for over a year and haven't been that successful.  In a fit of 'oh what the hell, I'll post one more for the year, no one will sign up but at least I'm getting it out there' I put up a sign-in sheet for December.  Lo and behold I've got 4 students!  Last Thursday was our first class.  I wasn't prepared for the fact that they hadn't paid yet and wasted time trying to get their tickets straightened, was exhausted by the end trying to keep everyone on track, and went over by 15 minutes.   Much different with 4 than with the 1 student I normally have!

I drove home starving to find S running out of the garage at that exact moment to go pick up our dinner from the Italian restaurant near our house.

Perfect Timing!

I Capture
Perfect Moments.

 p.s. I'm ready for this week - maybe we'll get out on time.  :)