"I planned the birth of my baby around the Su.per Bo.wl"

That's an actual quote I heard on the radio this morning.  I immediately had a few reactions.

1)  Lucky b!tch, you got to have your baby when you wanted to.
2)  Who the hell plans a baby around a football game!
3)  Hey, if I COULD plan, this would be, what the third Super-Bowl with our kid and hopefully another one on the way?  (I really must stop thinking like this)


Things are changing.  In a fit of trying to regain some control over my body which seems to be on a slow break-down lately I quit my 6am Jazz.ercise classes.  I'm replacing them with yoga.  Anyone ever been to a Core Pow.er studio?  Hopefully a couple times a week of yoga instead of jumping will help loosen up these rock-hard hips of mine and I can stop singlehandly helping my chiropractor save up for his kids' college fund.  haha.

I'll leave you with another choice quote from an acquaintance of mine:

"At least you aren't going to get fat and have stretch marks."   I was proud of myself, I didn't tear her head off.