I hate Unexplained Infertility

Mostly because I have to deal with the inevitable "You know what's going to happen after you adopt, right?" or "I knew someone who adopted then got pregnant." I'm steeled against these comments emotionally because I know they're coming almost every time I tell someone we're adopting. I've become really good at laughing it off then reciting the 5% statistic. We don't hear about the other 95% who never conceive after adoption.

....but then again, there's no reason why I'm infertile...

Man, days like today I really wish I had a reason. It doesn't help that one of my friends who was on the road to adoption...yep, you guessed it got pregnant during the wait even though she has so many issues her doctor gave her a 2% chance of ever conceiving naturally and something dismal like 10-20% chance on an IVF cycle. So, I know one of "those" stories intimately and it sucks.