So, I should totally have a Perfect Moment Monday post about our weekend in Cre.sted But.te but that will have to wait.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be in a better mood.

Here's how the weekend went down.
1.  Everyone who was supposed to stay with us bailed at the last second.
2.  The 4 bedroom condo was very nice and quite spacious for me and S.
3.  The weather was good, got some snow to cover the crud.
4.  At least a couple of our friends made it and we hung out with them a little (they have family in CB).
5.  Yesterday was a long day almost culminating in disaster when S decided to try to 4-wheel through deep snow at the top of Ken.osh.a pass because we needed to use the toilets at the trailhead.  Luckily a guy with a big diesel duallie truck arrived on scene just as we started trying to dig out our puny lil' Ta.com.a with skis.

Anyhoo, I called our caseworker for an update because I couldn't take it anymore.  Turns out we weren't at number 32 the last time I talked to her.  We were number 34.  We are NOW number 32 and they are having another "slow start to the year".  I wanted to poke my eyeballs out at that news.  Makes me wonder if I should have called a pediatrician and grilled them on all the possible outcomes of the baby we were called about two months ago.