Need Advice on a Washing Machine Purchase

Our crappy washing machine konked out on Monday night.  Now, while S could change out the drain pump since that's what broke, I'm pushing for getting a new machine.  This one is just your bottom of the line basic energy hogging, water wasting POS.  Luckily, he agrees but we need to make a decision fast!

So, anyone have a machine you love?  Anyone buy a machine you thought you would love and then it ended up letting you down?  We've looked at Con.sumer Repo.rts and unfortunately one of the ones they recommended is not liked by many people who've reviewed that model on epi.nions.

Man, between the washing machine, the work on the house, my car starting it's slow death (come on Toy.ota there's only 139,000 miles on it!) and saving for our final payment for the adoption I'm thinking that our super duper one-last-big-vacation to ain't gonna happen.  Meh.  Maybe we'll manage to get ourselves to a beach instead.  That would be ok.  :)