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Baby Gear

I'm bragging...yeah, totally.

I've been trolling for used baby gear.  I'm typically not good at looking for used stuff but I've lately been trying harder to quell the instant-gratification part of me.  It's kind of working.

My goal was to only have to buy a new crib when it came to nursery furniture, and I've managed to make that goal!  Since we had the shower I registered but I tried to keep it to gear you really don't want used and asked for used toys and clothing.  I knew the clothing thing wouldn't work too well (people love to buy cute little outfits!) but I got some used toys and gear from a couple of friends.  From one friend I've received a glider and ottoman which is awesome, and my sister in law is going to give me their crib mattress. Normally I wouldn't take a used mattress but it's family.  I know where it's been and who's pooped on it. 

So far the tally is pretty good. I've found a used dresser.  I ended up getting a changing table from a craig.slisting when I figured out the dresser wasn't wide enough for a changing pad. ooops  And the biggest, happiest find yet - Frog stroller.  I've been looking at those and decided it fit the bill for being "almost" the perfect stroller.  Can't necessarily push it up a mountain like the B.O.B but it'll do fine in our neighborhood.  It's a bit awkward for breaking down, but it's super maneuverable and compact. Ironically, you'd think that would make it easy to fold, but no.

Garage sale-ing (ok, my one trip to the massive Staple.ton garage sale and the Just-Between-Friends sale this weekend) has yielded a few items for massive savings.  

All that's left to hunt down is a halfway decent high chair.

Oh, and having a baby would be nice too.

And a room in which to put the baby.

And working heat in our house.


Happy ICLW *edited*

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