Now that we've been told things are moving along and we're pretty close to being profiled, I've found that I'm super antsy.  S and I had a little discussion about what we're most scared of at this point.

His:  The first meeting with an expectant mother.

Mine:  What the hell do I do with a baby?

Yep, a little bit of a disconnect.  I seem to have skipped over a few intermediate steps. 

We dragged out the baby names book (we bought a small one because it's just way to overwhelming) last night with a bottle of wine.  That was entertaining.  Unfortunately S's favorite girl name would be like a Jennifer in our generation it's so darn popular.  And...our favorite boy name is also a problem.  Friends of ours named their kid our favorite boy name so me being the paranoid freak that I am is afraid to also use it.  The last thing I need is teasing that we stole the name from them which is wholly untrue.  After all, we're the infertile ones, we've been thinking of names for years.  But, no one will see it that way and I'll get mad and skewer any of my friends who even hint that we stole the name.  Probably not the way to go.