1 year 6 months waiting

Why I feel compelled to keep the ticker up is beyond me.  I suppose it's my personality to always measure accomplishments or lack thereof.  Definitely the latter these days.

Well, 18 months exactly since we were approved for adoption.  We didn't think we'd get this far and not have a match by now.  I'm kind of done being really pissed off, which is unusual for me.  I feel resigned and a little numb to the fact that it's taking forever.

In other news, I got the promotion I applied for.  Yay, I don't have to go through that nightmare again!  And said promotion is now eaten up by a new car payment.  We're getting the nursery ready.  Our latest remodeling project (and last one for a while I hope) is done.  All that's left is painting, lots and lots of painting.