International Comment Leave Week (ICLW)

It's been a while since I've participated in ICLW.  Welcome to my blog!  The rundown:  My husband (S) and I have been waiting about 19 months for placement of a newborn (domestic, in Colorado).  It's been a hell of a wait beginning way back in February 2006 when I first stopped taking Pill.  We didn't "officially" start TTC until the following year but it never really occurred to me that I didn't get pregnant in 2006 which involved a 3 month stint in Sacramento, C.A. for a levee construction project (that was me) plus some preventing even though I had absolutely no idea when I ovulated.  Insight into my regular, perfect, reacts-to-Clo.mid-well-just-needs-a-little-acupuncture-cycle was much later.

The TTC thing didn't work out for us and it was a fairly easy decision to choose between spending money on IVF or spending money on adoption.  We have one shot at becoming parents and decided that if we adopted we were certain to become parents, but if we chose IVF it could very well continue the extremely frustrating cycle we were already in.

Fast forward to husband is currently trying to distract me....(seriously, he's a bit perturbed that I'm not paying attention to him if you know what I mean *ahem*)  Anyway, fast forward to today and we are currently No. 17 or so on the waiting list, we know we've been profiled at least once and nothing.  The dawning of a New Year has sent me into the pit of despair (said with a Billy Crystal hiss) and I'm trying to yank myself out of it. 

Thanks for visiting!