U.S. Newborn Adoptions

Adoptive Family Magazine published survey results on U.S. newborn adoption.   According to the results of the survey, on average 53% of the placements happened in 6 months or less. (you'll notice my husband and I are now in the 17% bracket)  Really?  Where the hell are these people?  The math is officially blown out of the water.  It's fucking spring, we're No. 8 and no match.  I gave up a project I really wanted to do.  My brother and fiance are both graduating in May.  We were supposed to go visit them in Arkansas before they move but I can't buy plane tickets now.  I want to visit friends in San Francisco but have no idea if I should.  This is an infuriating place.  There is no more "when you least expect it" in our situation.  We expect it.  We  I expect a phone call every goddamn day of the week.  

Oh, here's the new statement coming out of people's mouths when I tell them we're No. 8.  "Wow, seems like things are moving fast now!"  Twenty months is not fast motherfuckers!