Four Weeks Old and an Anniversary

S's birthday was in the beginning of the week, and our 9th anniversary is today.  Plus, Baby X is 4 weeks old!  Lots of milestones.  That reminds me, I haven't wrapped S's gift yet.

Of course, as I started writing this post, Baby X decided he no longer likes his swing.  Guess I'm keeping it short by default.


I opened my Reader today and saw 148 unread posts.  Looks like I'm playing some catch-up!

We're getting fingerprinted, and notarizing our Petition to Adopt today.  Notarizing is always a fun time.  It seems like we show up at the bank, wait forever, then the notary acts dumb.  Maybe that's just our branch.  The last time we had to do this for our application we had to explain things 3 times to the notary.

Well, Baby X is royally pissed off.  Tootles...