Hi, I’m Tara.

What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy, spiritual awakening and whatever I feel like writing. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

In Less Than One Week

It's back to work. Back to getting up at 5am.  Back to putting on my nice clothes and heels.  Back to adult conversations.  Back to engineering.   Eeks!  There's so much I didn't do!  Did you know there's a farmer's market on Wednesday mornings close to my house?  I didn't either!  Crap.  Missed that all summer.

Last Friday I took Baby X to work since my password had expired and I could no longer access e-mail from home.  Changing passwords every 60 days really blows.  Anyway, I played show off the baby and got caught up on some of what's going on so that I'm not totally shocked when I go back.

Last weekend was the adoption agency picnic, and it was so funny to be on the other side this year.  Showing up with Baby X in tow, meeting up with other couples we've met through the agency (and my blog...I love it!), and basically being all happy and stuff.  Yay!  Last year we went to the picnic, had a decent time, met some new people, and then took off for Golden's Second Largest Brewery to drown our sorrows.  This year, we had fun chatting with other parents, talking shop as it were, and then....well, there is a new brewery in town so we thought we should continue the tradition, albeit in a much more restrained kind of way.  In our defense, there was at least one other baby in the tap room, and it was 3pm, very calm crowd that time of day.  Admittedly, this will be a tradition that will come to a quick end (like next year).  I keep hearing Re.ese Withe.rspoon in the back of my head..."You have a baby!...In a bar!".  yeesh.

We completed our post-placement education class a couple weeks ago, and now have a post-placement visit coming up.  The class wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and we had a chatty group which helped.  Still, 5 hours of parenting class?  It's required by the State, I know, but it's also rather insulting. Ironically, I was freaking out before placement that we have no idea what do to, or how to discipline, and how was I going to find out?  I actually plan on us reading at least one parenting book and possibly taking the class, but that's because I want to

Well, an update on the friend sitch.  We have mutually agreed to drop it.  We saw them again at another party last weekend and while awkward, we just quickly exchanged "I'm sorry" then tried to find something else to talk about.  She didn't tell me what's going on in her life that is bothering her, although I have a theory.  S and I will be giving them lots of space and will just wait and see what happens.

Baby X is doing what babies do.  Growing, getting very squirmy on the changing table (how is it that I can't pry his legs down to fasten a diaper?  I'm bigger than him!), and generally being cute when he isn't wailing for whatever reason.  He started rolling over to one side, and it's pretty funny because he can do it, but he doesn't do it every time.  That means, he'll just hang out in tummy time doing the baby cobra and screaming his head off instead of rolling over.  Tummy time doesn't last too long around here unless he's in a rolling kind of mood.  He just started laughing too, which I find hilarious.  It doesn't seem to connect with anything in particular, he'll just look at me and laugh every now and then.  S will be staying home with him until Thanksgiving and will have the pleasure of taking Baby X to the sing-along class at the library near our house.  So far, he's refusing to do it, but I keep reminding him that he was the one who wanted the second three months, which means he has to do all the stay-at-home mom stuff.  Hey, you want to get the super cute interactive stage?  It comes with a price.  ;-D

Hottest August in History

Danger! Danger! Hazardous Conditions Ahead... *edited*