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Equal Opportunity Show Bashing

Oh Gre.ys...


OMFG, I just don't know where to start.  I'm talking about...


I feel the need to put on my engineer-hat for this one:

Geology:   Sea.ttle is underlain by gravels, sands, silts and clays left behind by several rounds of glaciation.  Not particularly susceptible to massive sinkhole development.  Especially a massive sinkhole 50 feet deep.

Engineering:  A water main break going for weeks without anyone noticing?  Water main breaks have a pretty good way of letting you know they exist.  You know, by flooding the area where the break occurred.  I can't come up with a reason why a water main would be buried so deep that it wasn't found for weeks, and it managed to scour enough soil away to form a void the size of a city block.  Water mains are buried only a few feet underground.  Not 50 feet.

More Engineering: Where did they get the clean, dry sand to bury that kid in? If it were truly a sinkhole caused by a water main break, I'm pretty sure that all the soils would be saturated.

More Geology: Sea.ttle has the Cas.cadian Subd.uction Zone Earthquake to worry about.  The Juan de Fuca plate is being pushed under the North American plate resulting in the potential for a 9.0 Magnitude (or higher) earthquake.  This is a real geologic hazard, and quite frankly, they should have done this story.  Maybe that'll be the season finale?

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