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What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy, spiritual awakening and whatever I feel like writing. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

Holiday Redux

Thanks for letting me rant.  I'll be done now.

We've had a good Christmas and New Year's.  Christmas was pretty busy with S and I upholding our fondue tradition on the 23rd, then the in-laws house on Christmas Eve, and my parents house on Christmas.  Baby X got some pretty cool new toys, of course, he'd rather chase the dog or take ornaments off the tree than play with his toys.  This crawling thing is insane. 

Every year S and I have a special dinner, just the two of us where we make cheese fondue and a broth fondue and drink champagne.  I love it.  It's easy to put together and fondue is fun, plus it makes for a great way to slow down and connect during a busy season.  We usually don't get each other gifts, but this year S wanted a certain set of tools to repair his mountain bike and didn't feel comfortable asking his parents for them.  I wanted a K.indle.  So, we agreed to "get gifts" for each other.  I of course, once the gift-giving flood gates were opened, decided that I had to also get S several other items that he was going to have to get anyway.  This is why we don't exchange gifts on Chr.istmas.  We'll probably go back to that after this year.  There's just something about this season that makes me stress out and go overboard with gift-giving and then it's lopsided, and starts kind of a spiral of disappointment and bad feelings.  Better to just avoid it all.

Christmas Eve I got hit with a bad cold, and I'm pretty sure Baby X has the same thing.  I had my first sleepless night, partly due to a sore throat that hurt so bad I could barely swallow and partly due to a chest-rattling cough coming out of Baby X.  I was half-expecting a bout of croup to hit halfway through the night.  It didn't (whew), and the cough has been slowly getting better. 

This past week was quiet at work since most people were out on vacation.  I got a few things checked off my to-do list, although not as many as hoped since I ended up going home sick Thursday morning.  I took Friday off because we had set up another meeting with Baby X's first-mom at our agency.  The meeting went really well.  We hung out for about an hour and half and Baby X showed off his crawling skills.  He's outgoing with everyone, so it's sometimes hard to tell if he recognizes her or not.  I think he does though, because near the end of our meeting he got really sleepy and passed out when she was holding him.  If smell is really that connected to memories, then I would guess that he recognizes her smell.  She helps out her mom in an Indian food catering business and the spices are distinctive and very aromatic.  Speaking of catering, we always get a treat at the visits.  Last time was jalebi, and this time was mathri.  I want to incorporate some Indian cooking into my repertoire.  Anyone know any good cookbooks or websites?

We didn't do anything on New Year's Eve and that was just dandy.  My parents had a New Year's open house and we were on-deck to provide the grandbaby for showing off purposes.  It was pretty good, a little tiring because of all the socializing, but not as busy as I expected.  There was one woman who didn't know we adopted and asked me how labor and delivery went.  Ha.

No skiing for us yet.  There hasn't been any snow anyway, and this week is not looking good since the mountains are supposed to warm up to the low 40's.  Spring skiing anyone?  Hopefully the storms start rolling in soon.

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