Hi, I’m Geochick.

Welcome to my blog. What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy and spiritual awakening. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

Space Cadet

....I'm just going to go by that moniker from here on out.

In getting ready for a trip, I realized my car was, oh, about 2,000 miles past due for an oil change.  Now, I bought it a little over a year ago with a "free" package of maintenance thrown in.  I thought the free maintenance expired after one year and so I didn't take the 2 hours to drag myself to the dealership to wait around for a simple oil change.  Instead, I kept putting it off until it was too late and decided to go to a place close to our house where it would only take half an hour.  For whatever reason, after I got the service completed and shelled out a bunch of money, I decided to take a look at my paperwork from the dealer.  After all, I left it in the glovebox where I was sure to consult it whenever I had a question (like maybe 2,000 miles ago when the change oil message came on).  Anyhoo, the maintenance agreement expires this December.  There's two years, and it took all of 30 seconds of opening up my glovebox to find out.


Unfortunately, this seems to be how I'm operating these days.  Some things, like work, I'm actually on top of and keeping track of projects and generally doing a good job even if I'm overwhelmed.  Other things, like the oil change, I push off, it slips in priority, and then all of the sudden, I'm in "just get it done" mode.

Also, unfortunately, we're currently bleeding money.  Three weddings (all out of state) in two months will do that to a budget.  Last weekend in San Francisco, S forgot to fill up the rental car before returning it.  *cha-ching*  This week, despite having Monday off, and probably could have squeezed in a trip to the dealership for a free oil change and air filter replacements with all the other errands I had to do (it really didn't fit, I swear), I rush around at the last minute and pay dearly for it.  *cha-ching, cha-ching*.  I must take back the statement said through gritted teeth in SF traffic "Hey, I'm pissed that you just cost us like $50 because you forgot to put gas in the car, but lets just drop it off and stop screwing around trying to find a gas station".  *ahem*  My mistake was more costly than his.

So, are we the only people this happens to?  I feel like this is happening more than I care to admit.  That we're spending more money on stuff because we aren't planning that well, or making mistakes and not keeping track.  It's probably happening in other aspects of our lives too, but I'm really honing in on the money thing.  At least we haven't been paying bills late or anything, and we do have some savings, but damn, there are some people out there profiting off our forgetfulness.

That being said, the wedding in SF was fun.  I love that city.  LOVE.  If it weren't for earthquakes* and impossibly high cost of living, I'd lobby to move there.  It was pretty chilly, but at least it was drying out last weekend instead of raining like it had been.  We managed to squeeze in a little wine country, caught the cherry blossom festival, and had some great meals.  I love me some good food and drink!

* Everyone reading my blog who lives in the Bay Area is probably rolling their eyes over this one.  :)  It's really irrational, I know.

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