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Welcome to my blog. What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy and spiritual awakening. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

Affirmation, and How a Sitcom Made Me Ugly Cry

OMG ladies.  I stepped away from blogging for a few days wondering if I needed an extended break, and came back to so many wonderful comments, and apparently a spot on the Round-Up!  (Sorry Mel, I haven't been reading either....).  Love you, I totally needed that.

Thank you so much for the comments, I really didn't think the post about my encounter with the sales-girl would generate much discussion, and I really felt bitchy about the whole thing.  Like, I should have been nicer to her, and either taken the time to explain our situation or just gone with the flow.  I tend to react and not think a whole lot before opening my mouth under high-emotion.  It leads to some interesting (shall we say?) situations.

It's been a grind of a few weeks at work dealing with a less than stellar Team Leader on a design project, and it seems like a whole lot of his tasks are falling to me.  Well, falling to me only because I don't want to see this project fail, but I'm not really prepared to take on the leadership of another project when I'm lead on 4 other projects and have some other duties as well.  In fact, it fucking sucks ass.  We aren't exactly getting along and I'm just trying to hold on until it's over. To top it off, I have a shit-ton of travel coming up in the near future.  This year seems to be the perfect storm of travel for me.  I'll have to be a little more cautious about taking on so much work next year.  Or learn that it's the nature of the beast.  At least S doesn't travel, so there's only one of us to worry about.

Anway, back to the real reason I even logged on tonight.  Mod.ern Fam.ily made me break down into a blubbering mass of goo.  *Spoiler Alert - Don't read if you haven't seen it and you're really looking forward to the season finale...*

The scene where Mitchell and Cam broke down in the gas station parking lot after their failed match gutted me.  As I started to lose it, I managed to choke out, "I can't watch this" and covered my face with my hand trying to keep back the body wracking sobs.  It brought back so many emotions during our wait, which right about NOW was un-fucking-bearable.  Baby X's birthday is on Monday and about two weeks before we even knew about him.  Those two guys feeling so hopeless about the process perfectly illustrated how hard this wait can be.  There are amazing writers on that show and I think that they capture adoption the best that any show has of late.

side note:  I've stopped watching Gr.ey's...the adoption storyline felt contrived and ridiculous to me that I couldn't get past it.  That and the giant sinkhole in Seattle.  REALLY?

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