Hi, I’m Geochick.

Welcome to my blog. What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy and spiritual awakening. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

We Are Live at 45

After all the hemming and hawing, we decided to sign on the dotted line with our local agency.  I'm impressed by the fact that they are actively seeking new ways to market and have started working with an on-line profiling service that we'll use to get our profile out to various sources as many matches are happening via web searches these days.  Plus, after working with them for Baby X's adoption, we are very comfortable with how they approach counseling of the expectant parents.  There were a few things about the other agency that I couldn't really feel out very well when it came to their counseling of expectant parents.  It sounds like they do a fine job, but one of the things our agency was clear about in our training is that they go through all possible scenarios with the parents before making the decision.  That wasn't specifically mentioned when I specifically asked about expectant parent counseling.  Also, it bothered me a little bit when I asked about open adoption how quickly our contact jumped to the "we won't force you into an open adoption" line.  When I followed up by saying that we are currently in an open adoption and it's something that we are open to for our next child, the contact was a little cagey saying that it was up to the expectant parents.  Anyway, as we only had one 30 minute conversation, that's something we could have probed deeper if we weren't in so much shock over cost (ultimately the driver of our decision).

It's official, we are a waiting family and we are number 45 on the list.  When we went live on the list for the first adoption, we bought a little minky blanket for the baby-to-be.  And I started collecting baby clothes/accessories from every vacation we took, all of the ski areas we frequent, and various other random places.  I think that Baby #2 deserves no less, don't you?


Happy Belated ICLW!