That Letter

The one to the expectant parents?

It turns out it's just as difficult to write the second time as the first time.  The biggest problem I'm having is that I'm not a particularly eloquent writer.  I haven't honed my writing skill beyond the technical writing I do at work.  It's quite different than trying to write a heartfelt letter describing everything about my life.  Everything I write seems inane.  I can't stand my sentences, yet I don't know how to make it flow better, or how to get some humor in there so I don't seem totally boring.

First draft was a dud.  Now I'm re-writing, getting stuck, and generally pissed off at the whole thing.

The worst part is that it has to be handwritten.  My handwriting sucks.  It looks like a 12-year old boy wrote the letter.  Sounds like it to.