Hi, I’m Geochick.

Welcome to my blog. What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy and spiritual awakening. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

Clutterlicious - Fess Up!

I've been contemplating these de-cluttering challenges as I read more and more posts by other bloggers jumping in.  Mostly my mind seems to be cluttered these days with looming deadlines, so it's taken me a while to confront my own physical clutter.  Generally, if you walk into our house, you don't see a lot of clutter (in the living area).  The hidden places are where clutter resides.  And so, the two focuses of these challenges....

Up first, the coat closet:

On the top shelf, handbags multiply, my bluegrass hat resides for 363 days of the year, and apparently, that's where I threw the hood from my ski jacket.  On the sides, scarves that I rarely wear hang.  In fact, that fuzzy pink one off to the right has never graced my neck despite being super fun.  (maybe tomorrow?)  On the bottom, weirdly shaped L-shelf, there's a jar of pennies, tripod, tripod bag, travel yoga mat, a shadow box I'm supposed to do something with, a tote bag, and my carrier.  On the floor is a free bag from the zoo Hallow.een day, and my knee high boots.

Ok, that's small potatoes compared to our disaster zone of an attic.  Behold....

I can't even begin to itemize everything so I'll do it generally, pointing out the major issues.  In the top photo is the obvious.  All the holiday decorations, left over wrapping detritus on the table and snow boots that need to be handy during the season (but not so handy that they warrant a move to the main level).  What you can't see to the left in the picture is the old tv and tv stand still hanging out and our stockpile of baby crap for baby-to-be.  In the background you can see the glider hanging out until we need it again and to the right is the dumping ground for camping equipment.  In the bottom picture there's the 3 shelf bookcase from my apartment days that we haven't gotten rid of or successfully repurposed.  In it is a whole bunch of junk.  On top is more junk.  In front of it is the pile destined for the thrift store that we didn't manage to get donated before the end of the year.  Then there's the bins holding my summer clothes because we have ridiculously tiny closets in our "charming" home.  Um, bookshelves that include board games we never play save for Scrab.ble, text books from college (what???) and not entirely sure what else.  Then of course we have our ski gear pile, that's at least used, albeit not as often as we would like!  What you can see barely in the right upper corner of the picture is the bicycle wine rack that we don't have room for downstairs.  But, we keep putting notable (empty) bottles of wine in it.  Why????

So, there you have it.  My clutter is hidden, which is analogous to my personality.  On the outside, I (and my house) look pulled together, neat, and dare I say it, fashionable.  On the inside, sometimes I feel chaotic, disorganized, not good enough, and like everyone can see right through my facade.  

So, let the organizing and purging begin!

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