0 for 2

It's over.  Again.

The entire case for placing the baby for adoption is in jeopardy.  This isn't a simple "change of mind" kind of case, it's way more complicated than that and it may drag on for months.  The agency may have to turn it over to the county.

We are not foster parents.  

We are walking away.  

I've thought over and over again how to discuss the situation on my blog, but since we are no longer part of the story unless something drastically changes before we are matched again, I'm not comfortable putting it in a public forum.  Suffice to say, this is something that we never thought we'd be facing, and we are not in any position to face a court challenge.  If this baby's father truly can parent, then I hope he steps up and claims his position as his father and provides a safe and stable home.