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Getting a Kick in the Head - National Water Safety Month

I just came across a water safety blog post about National Water Safety Month* by B of Created Family.  And then I followed that blog post to this post.  Be warned, it is probably one of the hardest posts I have ever read.

We are damn lucky that nothing has happened.  Yet.

See, we have a swamp cooler that spits out a shit-ton of water in overflow, and unlike the last swamp cooler, S didn't make the water recycle on this one.  One, it's hard on the motor for some mechanical-engineer-like reason that made my eyes go glassy and my ears shut down**; Two, it's much harder to bypass on this particular model.

Baby X loves water.

Two mornings in a row have resulted in "Where's Baby X?" only to find him dumping said 7 gal bucket over or scooping water out of it with a plastic shovel.

Have I mentioned that when he turned 3 a week ago, it's like a switch flipped and he went from kind of listening to us to NOT LISTENING AT ALL?  That's right, he won't stay inside if we tell him to.  We will have to barricade Baby X in the house in the morning during the rush to get ready and out the door.  That means keeping the doggy door in (he goes through it in a flash), and dumping the bucket first thing after waking up (ok, maybe second thing).

The 50 gal rain barrel with a top that I will fucking superglue down is on order and will arrive on Thursday.  It's not foolproof or toddler proof probably, but we will do our best and not allow him outside without us when it has water in it.

I could never live with myself if something happened, and something could very easily happen.  We never leave his side during bath time, what the hell is wrong with us now?

For more information on water safety and toddlers/kids, please read this post.

*Note:  I'm late - It's actually in May.  But better late than never
**It's mutual, he does this to me every time I get excited about a hole in the ground

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