Who Needs It? - Clutterlicious Attic 5 Months Later

I know, this challenge has left the blogosphere, but I've been inspired by Josey's update!

The attic will always be a dumping ground, but it can be far more organized and neat than it is right now.

After my initial clean up  I didn't touch the attic for months.  Crap kept getting brought upstairs (mostly clothes and toys that X outgrew) and dumped willy-nilly.  I just didn't have it in me to really start going through everything despite the fact that I knew I should be getting organized for baby #2 because  a match was imminent (so we thought).  Then we were matched again in March and I hurriedly dragged a handful of onsies to the NICU leaving a wake of baby clothes on the floor.  After that match fell through, I kicked the pile to the side and couldn't even think about going through clothes again.

Now we are matched for the third time, so it was time to attack the attic again.  I went through the baby clothes I had dragged out, and put away all of the clothes X has outgrown.  In a nice neat pile of 2 bags are 0-3 month infant clothes waiting to be washed and put away in the dresser downstairs.  I can't quite bring myself to do it yet, but when I need to, they are all where I need them.

Roughly a third of the attic space is being taken up by baby stuff.  S and I have agreed that when we bring home a second baby for good, all of this stuff will make one final journey.  Down the stairs to the main floor, into the baby's room or living room, then out. the. door.  For good.  S is practically giddy when talking about jettisoning all of the gear as baby outgrows it.  I feel surprisingly good about it too.  Much less sentimental than I thought I would.  It helps that I never had a picture of more than 2 children to complete our family.  If I had to get rid of the baby gear because we were unable to have a second child, I'm certain I'd be in a much different place emotionally.

The huge pile of stuff to donate has been sorted, recorded, bagged, boxed and carried to the garage where S will let it sit for a couple weeks before getting so sick of it getting in the way, he takes it to the drop off.  :)

There's still a lot of stuff to sort through and organize, but it feels like a big chunk has been checked off the list.


Giant pile of stuff to donate.  It grew over the past few months, wish I had taken a pic of that nightmare

Christmas stuff that hadn't been put away yet.



Slightly more organized...all that baby gear to the left slated to leave the building bit by bit