#MicroblogMonday - Gift Giving

Christ.mas is a tough holiday for S and I when it comes to gift giving. When I needed new ski boots, S wrapped one of my old ski boots and said "you can get new ones"! Granted, we had talked about and decided on new ski boots for me, I just hadn't gotten around to it, and there was no talk of them being a gift.

S will tell you that while I try hard, it's never exciting for him either. He doesn't have hobbies that I can easily buy gear for, plus he gets it as he needs it. So, I end up getting him clothes, and have about a 50 percent success rate on choosing something he will wear. 

For several years we nixed the gift giving for each other, until last year when I got the gift giving itch again, and had fun choosing fancy barware and bottle of Colorado whisky for him. This year? Back to clothes that he probably won't like. I mentioned I really want the Mis.fit Fl.ash. S said, "Buy it and I'll wrap it". (he's also getting me the bloom necklace to go with it. :))


How do you handle gift giving with your spouse?

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