#MicroblogMonday - Back to Work

Today is my first day in the office after maternity leave. Last week, I started Baby Z in full-time daycare. We did not take X out of daycare during the months of unpaid paternity/maternity leave S and I took, and I think that helped Z's transition. He had already been to the facility so much, and he's such a chill baby that his transition has been seamless. Woot! I went to lots of Jazzercise classes trying to complete our 30 classes in 35 days challenge, and did some part-time telework so that I didn't have to take more leave without pay.

Over the weekend it snowed about 8 inches, got really really cold, and set us up for a hideous commute. For some reason, the main road that goes to our daycare building is never sanded enough. It gets slick, icy, and is a nightmare on snowy mornings. Today was no exception, taking 1 hour for me to travel 3.5 miles. The highway to work, however, was practically dry.

Welcome back.

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