My first Stitch Fix

I've been following along Leah's blog posts about her

Stitch Fix's

and I finally decided to give it a try.

I like shopping and putting outfits together, but have realized lately that my go-to brands are letting me down. I used to be a die-hard Exp.ress girl, but over the past few years the quality of their clothing has been declining, and I'm on the older end of their demo (or out of it at this point). So, I've switched to G.ap and Ban.ana Repu.blic with mixed reviews. Ga.p seems to be suffering the same quality decline,  and I haven't been happy with some of the pieces I've purchased. Repu.blic is more expensive and usually higher quality, but it's a little more subdued than I like to be. I've tried Ann Tay.lor and have never really liked the fit of their clothing, I wish I could pull off Anthro.pologie, but that's not really me either. Large department stores are overwhelming and I hardly set foot in them.

I don't know where to shop anymore! Thus, enters my first

Stitch Fix

box. When I signed up for the box, I filled out a survey with a lot of detail and set up a board. I tried to be as specific as possible about what I'm looking for (don't need jeans, need business-casual attire for work). Then, my box arrived in the mail!

Ama.zon and Zul.ily sure could use some pointers on efficient packaging from these guys

Pixley Edmund Chevron Henley in purple, $54.

It's a keeper!

Love the fit and drape, plus it's really soft.

Liverpool Anita skinny pant, $78,


The material was heavenly, I wish they fit better, but they were a tad tight in the waist and too long.

Fate Jeromy Striped Sweater, $58,


Obviously sheer and needs a cami. Didn't like the fit or feel of the sweater, it bugged my skin.

Daniel Rainn Luigi Lace Insert Printed Blouse, $48,


Too big. It hung on me like a bag and wasn't flattering at all.

Market & Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan, $68,



Zipper was difficult to use, sleeves too long, overall didn't fit well.

After reading Leah's posts, I wasn't expecting to love the entire box on my first try, so I'm ok with  keeping one shirt. One problem I'm having is paying full retail price on clothes. Trolling clearance racks and 30-40% off online sales is my specialty. The shirt may be the first piece of clothing I've purchased at full price, like ever. What has become clear lately though, is that I still spend quite a bit on clothing, and I don't have a sense of how much I'm spending until I look at the credit card statement months later. Plus, I may be snatching up deals just because they are deals and not because I really need a certain piece to complement my wardrobe. 

As I get ready to transition back to work and out of my sweats, I'll definitely keep using Stitch Fix, and see where it takes my wardrobe. I love anything that gets delivered to my home!

If you're curious about Stitch Fix and want to check it out for yourself, you can follow my referral


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