I Am Woman 'A'

This is a follow-up post to the one I posted yesterday.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

I admit, my choices weren't stellar the day I held up a bunch of cars exiting the Y parking lot. S was pissed off at me, which led to it taking longer to get the kids in said car, I was irritated by a  long commute, and feeling guilty about cutting short S's work-out day. Still, not an excuse for flipping off the cars behind me. Especially considering that I was the one being an asshole and blocking the drive.

How it all began:
  • Over the past 2 weeks, one of my reports has been out for an Independent Review by an expert, who happens to live in Australia. (more on how that affected me in a different post)
  • In order to hold conference calls at a decent time in Australia, we had to have our meetings at 3:00pm. Due to his schedule, the only day he could meet was Wednesday (X's swim lesson day at 5pm, and another not-great decision considering how hard it is for us to get him there on time)
  • S was on-call to get X and bring him to swim lessons should the meeting run long. I would then bolt out of work as soon as I could and get to the Y to bring the kids home so that S could go to the gym
  • Of course the meeting ran long. I thought it would be about an hour, and it was 2 hours.
  • I left work at 5pm, immediately after we broke. Got on the highway (which is usually free and clear because I'm counter-commute) and noticed a slowdown was happening up ahead of me. Too many brake lights. I bailed.
  • Because I bailed, I added at least 10 minutes to the drive because I was essentially backtracking for a bit to get to where I needed to go. (Always check the traffic on Go.ogle Maps!)
  • So, it took me 45 min to get to the Y. I get increasingly anxious and frustrated when I know I'm late. At first I thought I'd be arriving at the Y by the time the swim lesson was over and could get X rinsed off and all that stuff while S went across the street to the gym he belongs to. Instead, I was frantically calling him at 5:30 telling him I was almost there, did he just want to throw the kids in the car and go. That ended up the plan.
  • And then it all went to hell.
 How it unfolded in my brain:
  • F-ck, S, stop protesting and just f-cking buckle X into the seat! Je.sus, you can't even buckle his f-cking seatbelt because you're too busy getting mad at me for blocking the drive. Give that to me, I'll take care of it. Good G-d, it isn't that hard.
  • Look people, I'm blocking the drive for all of 3 minutes. GET OVER YOURSELVES. (*ahem* narcissistic, I know)
  • You wanna honk at me? Fine, F-ck you. (hence the finger out the window as I drove away).
  • Damn, that car behind me seems to be pulling up behind me fast.
  • Sh*t, is she really pulling up on my LEFT side at a one-lane Right Turn Only?  Great.
  • Yeah, she's yelling through the window, ok, well, don't react, just turn and she'll get over it.
  • Is she following me?
  • She IS following me!!! What the hell is her problem? Ok, maybe I'm being ridiculous, just keep driving and keep your eye on her.
  • Holy hell, she's totally following me (and driving erratically, that was a hell of a quick lane change)
  • Sh*t. a stoplight. She's gonna get out of the car isn't she? (At this point, I was on the phone with S telling him I was being followed)
  • Yeah, she got out, oh look, she left her door open. hahaha
  • Here she comes, don't acknowledge her, don't turn, just look straight ahead.
  • Yep, she screaming at me through my rolled up window. (I'm still on the phone with S and he's telling me to call the police)
  • Come on light, turn green already! Oh thank G-D, there it is. Okey doke, I'm driving now. 
  • Now SHE's holding up traffic because she's walking back to her car while the light is green. hahahahaha. What a moron.
  • She's not following me anymore. Whew.
  • F-ck, now I have to talk to X about this whole incident. Oh, better call S and tell him we're all ok. Baby Z doesn't seem to know that anything happened, good.
X and I had a chat as soon as we got home about how I made a bad choice and I wasn't very nice, so it was ok that she was mad at me. However, her reaction was not appropriate and getting out of her car in traffic was dangerous. He latched onto how she could've caused an accident and for a couple days after kept telling S how she wasn't nice and how she could've caused an accident. Ah 3-yo, it's such a literal age.

I didn't really hear most of what she yelled at me through my window, but there were a few gems that stuck in my head. The first was how she was so upset that I flipped the bird at her when she "Had my 4 year old in the car" and what was I thinking. I found that weird considering the 4 y.o. should've been in the back seat, thus not witnessing said gesture. But, witnessing his mother fly into a rage so strong that she felt the need to chase me down and get out IN TRAFFIC to yell at me, is somehow good? huh. The nugget she ended on was "You have mental problems!"  Dude. Seriously. Who is so f-cking sensitive that when someone flips you off you chase them down and get out of your car IN TRAFFIC to yell at them. Especially, when I probably will never see you again (or maybe her kid is  in X's swim lesson in which case next week will be pretty interesting, heh). Anyhoo, I'm thinking I'm not the one with the so-called "mental problem"

I've learned my lesson. No more blocking the drive if we are exchanging kids. No more flipping off people (which, for the record, I don't do on a regular basis) especially with my kids in the car. The whole time it was happening, I wasn't really scared because there were so many witnesses and as soon as she got out of her car, she was in the wrong. Besides, if she continued to follow me, I was just going to drive to the nearby police station anyway. I figured, if she popped off in that parking lot, at least I was somewhere where maybe I would be protected if she did something really stupid like punch my window.

p.s. It's gratifying that those of you who guessed, didn't put down Woman B. Of course, I doubt Woman B would write about her experience in an analytical way. :)