Two Women Make Bad Decisions (or Road Rage in a Y parking lot)

Woman A:  
Blocks the exit lane to exchange kids with Dad. Cars start to back up as Woman A and Dad are loading kids into Woman A's car. Horns start honking. Woman A gets in car, drives away and flips the bird to the waiting cars.

Woman B:
Chases down Woman A at the exit lane (right turn only) and pulls up on Woman A's left side yelling through window.  Woman A turns right. Woman B follows Woman A until both are stopped at a stop light.

Woman B gets out of her car at the stoplight and raps on Woman A's car window. Woman A ignores Woman B. Woman B yells at Woman A. Woman A proceeds when the light turns green. Woman B is still outside her car when then light turns green.

Who am I, Woman A or Woman B?