Hi, I’m Geochick.

Welcome to my blog. What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy and spiritual awakening. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.


  • I'm battling a full blown sinus infection and wouldn't even be at work today except that I have to give a presentation over Live.Meeting in a couple hours and then have my mid-year review after that. I don't know exactly what is going on...I felt sick last week on Sunday and Monday, got better until Thursday when I got all congested again, then things seemed to be clearing up until last night when the pressure caused a toothache on my left side. Awesome.

  • I'm missing yoga for the third week in a row because of said sinus infection. I missed the previous two weeks because, well, I'm not sure about the new yoga teacher for this class. He's an intense dude, a veteran (who was wounded) and divorced (clearly bitter about the divorce). Actually, that's more than I want to know about my yoga teacher in the first 4 classes I take from them. Plus he teaches Forrest yoga. I describe it as Iyengar-like with long holds and that's not my jam. I like classes that flow, ones that switch up the poses week to week (he doesn't really) and the occasional restorative/deep stretch. p.s.  How many forms of yoga do we need? Anyway, I'm not gelling with this teacher and I don't know what to do - my only option for yoga is to take it at noon on Wednesdays and maybe Fridays if I can. Hopefully this week I can get to the Friday class. Then again, this noon class has had several different teachers because it hasn't exactly flourished, so maybe I just have to wait out the inevitable.

  • I rode 30-miles on my bike over the weekend. It was flat terrain, but at least I got a solid 3 hours in the saddle. Halfway mark to the 62-miles in early June!

  • I've only climbed a total of 1200-feet in one ride, and the upcoming 62-mile ride has a 3,000-feet elevation gain, with a 2.5-mile uphill at the end. Yeouch. I have a good loop that I do from work for hill climbs, but I haven't been able to complete it 2x in one ride, which is my goal. One week, it was cold and I didn't dress warm enough. This week I was getting sick but didn't know it, and contending with ovulation pain and bloating. That was a sh*tty ride. Hoping to get in a good long ride with S on Saturday depending on the weather situation. Now, when I described ovulation pain to S, he was surprised I was able to go the 18 miles that I managed to eke out. Go me!

  • I started therapy for vocal chord dysfunction. Short version - I got really fed up with how I've been getting sick in the fall and then having lingering coughing fits that would not go away, coupled with a almost-passing out on stage during one of my classes really put me over the edge. My GP doctor was an asshole to me and told me to go see an ear-nose-throat specialist so that I could yell at someone else instead of him. Instead, I took my defiant little self over to the #1 respiratory hospital in the country, because it happens to be 15 minutes from my house. After a battery of tests, most of which are child's play compared to fertility testing, it was determined that I have VCD. Now that test, a laryngoscopy, rates right up there with getting an HSG, or that hideous uterine biopsy I had to go through. But, at least we figured out what is wrong. My vocal chords are in constant protective mode and partially close every time I inhale. Plus my allergy testing revealed I'm allergic to maple trees, pine trees, and damn near all grasses. (thankfully not dogs!). So, prescription allergy medication for seasonal allergies a definite must, and some speech therapy for the VCD. The breathing exercises are really easy, I just have to remember to do them. I go back for a followup when I get on a bike and they have me ride hard enough to induce the coughing fits and teach me to effectively breathe. I could also do a few Ja.zzercise routines in front of the therapists if I wanted to, but that's way too embarrassing!

  • Baby Z is working on crawling and developing that fun 7-month habit of putting everything in his mouth. He especially loves X's stinky sneakers and will army crawl across the room to get them. 

  • X has suddenly backslid on the whole going to bed routine. He broke the outlet next to his bed throwing an epic 1-hour tantrum the other night because we wouldn't let him go to sleep in our bed.Yeah.

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