Stitch Fix #2

I'm writing this as S is going to bed, during which process he inquired whether I'm going to stay up until 11pm again tonight.  That's probably the worst idea since I've stayed up too late often this week and boy am I cranky.

But I couldn't wait to share my second box! This time I asked for layering pieces because in the summer my office is stupid-cold when it's 90 degrees outside. grrrr. I didn't get what I asked for and was pretty frustrated by that, plus I put myself through some serious humiliation by posting crappy pics of myself on Pinterest with some of my dresses to give the stylist what's in my wardrobe right now.

I had a different stylist and well, not thrilled with either experience, but I'll give it some time to find a stylist I like. Part of it may be how I update my profile and offer style notes, so I'll keep updating every time based on what shows up in my box.

Without further ado. Here's what what showed up in my box. *disclaimer* These pictures pretty much suck quality wise - I'm still trying to figure out where in my house has decent lighting. Plus, I need to get a taller tripod. Ah, the problems of being a fake-style-blogger.

First impressions

Right away I liked the dress. I had just been telling a friend that I need a good wrap dress. I own exactly one, and it's got to be going on 7 years so it's time to update.  The necklace, meh. I enjoy buying accessories, and when it comes to costume jewelry I am all about the sale shopping. So, paying full price for a piece of costume jewelry is not something I'm inclined to do.  That's a pair of skinny jeans folded up under the necklace. I have 3 pairs of skinny jeans - I should have told them not to send me any. The blouse I really hoped looked good, it was pretty meh out of the box.  The jacket folded up to the side of the dress earned an "ugh" as soon as I saw it.

Amour Vert  Alessandro Abstract Dot Print Silk Blouse with DL1961 Moscow Skinny Jean - Returned

The jeans were too small and too long and I didn't particularly like the wash. Plus, I have a few already - unless these felt like pajamas I wasn't going to bother buying them.

I liked that the blouse was made in the U.S. and silk instead of polyester. Hated the colors - beige, black, brown, and hated the cut. It looked better tucked, but the colors really killed it. S declared it frumpy.

Marc New York - Betsy Jacket - Returned

I was right. Ugh. The color is all wrong for my skin tone, the sleeves were a little tight, and it isn't lined. I wish more jackets were lined and I tend to expect that they will be when they cost over $100.

Leota Dariah Abstract Print Faux Wrap Dress - Kept!

I started to worry I would have to pay for a overpriced piece of costume jewelry and then I put on this dress. It's made in the U.S., I love the length, and it feels so comfortable! It may require spanx since I'm pretty self-conscious about my belly sticking out, but I can handle that. I'm wearing it with the necklace and they go really well together, but again, I have some accessories that go with this dress already and I couldn't see paying for the $48 necklace.

I was pretty disappointed that the second box was much like the first. A whole lot of "doesn't fit" "I don't like it", "what's up with this color?"  I do like the card showing how to style the pieces and just being aware of fashion more has me re-thinking how to put pieces together that are already in my closet.  For instance, I had this pair of white jeans that I was terrified of wearing. They just hung in my closet for several months, tags still on, and I finally got up the courage to wear them.  I thought about what I had that would look good with the jeans and gravitated toward this jacket that I don't wear enough. Normally I wear the jacket with a black t-shirt to tone it down, but this time, I thought about what I've been seeing on Pinterest. So I went for bright color paired with a pattern - whoa. Getting' crazy!

Please excuse the funky angle - selfies in my cube are hard to do!

I still recommend checking out this service considering that I've been happy with at least one piece in each of my boxes. I think that this is something that could take a few rounds to get dialed in with a stylist.  If you're interested in trying it for yourself, here's my

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