#MicroblogMondays - Stitch Fix #3

This is the third round of Stitch Fix that I've tried, and I think I've hit upon a stylist who seems to understand what I'm looking for. This time around, my stylist was Danielle, and I really liked what she chose. 

Prior to this shipment I tweaked my style profile because I had been having some issues with the way bottoms fit. I added my measurements hoping that helps choose the correct size since vanity sizing is totally out of control. Sometimes I'm a size 4, sometimes I'm a size 6, if there weren't vanity sizing, I'd be a size 8. It's so annoying! I also made sure to check off colors I don't want to receive after the beige disaster from my last box, and have decided not to receive accessories. 

One more note about price levels. With  my first box I set everything at the lowest price level, and then realized that if I want to get clothes made in the U.S. or better fabrics that I need to go up. So, at this point, my prices are set to $100-150 for all the clothes. Last box, the stylist sent mostly everything in that price range, and I about choked on the prices. (yes I know, silk is better than polyester, and two of the items were made in the U.S.) What I really like about this stylist, is that she chose less expensive tops even though I'm setting the price higher. I was hoping that the price range would include less expensive options occasionally as well as the higher priced options. It makes it easier to be willing to pay more money for some of the items.

On to the clothes...

When I opened the box the only thing I wasn't sure about was the green blouse. Everything else I was super excited to try on!
Liverpool Sally Cuffed Short $48 - Kept
The shorts fit perfectly and are really comfortable. All of my shorts are old and not looking great, so these were a keeper!

Daniel Rainn Ishara Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse $68 - Kept
This top fit so much better than the Daniel Rainn top they sent me in my first box. Even though it's a boxy cut, the sleeves fit better and there doesn't seem to be so much volume of material that it's overwhelming. Plus I love the color! 

Evolution by Cyrus Senna Zip Up Cardigan $44 - Returned
I really wanted to like this Cardigan. It has a fun print and some detailing around the pockets and neckline that make it more interesting. But, it felt itchy. Since I'm not sure if it'll soften with washing, I had to send it back.

Papermoon Jerome Crochet Detail Blouse $54 - Returned
The picture I took of this on was super blurry and I'm too lazy to bother putting it on again. There were two problems with this shirt. The fabric was kind of rough feeling a la polyester of the 70's. Ick. It was too tight across my shoulders. I wish it fit and felt better because I saw potential in it - It actually looked really good with the black jeggings I had on when taking the picture.

Maggy London Bella Textured Dress $138 - Returned
I wanted so badly to like this dress! First problem - it was too small. It was tight when I put it on, and the waist hit in the middle of my ribs. Then S had to help me take it off, which was a 5 minute ordeal in which I was really scared I'd rip a seam somewhere. We got it off safely and I sadly folded it up for return. The second issue was the color is super bright and just warm enough that it didn't look awesome with my skin tone (I need cool colors).  So, because of that I'm not bothering to contact StitchFix to see if I can get the next size up.

I know, I only kept 2 items and from the other two boxes I've kept only 1 item each. However, this box was much closer to being what I wanted and for the most part I'm sending items back because of fit, not because I hate them. I'm definitely going to keep getting boxes, maybe one every other month or so and next time I'll be sure to request Danielle!

If you're interested in checking out Stitch Fix, you can go there by clicking on my referral link. Yes, I get a $25 credit when you sign up, and then you start bugging all your friends when you love it. Marketing genius!

p.s.  I realize this is hardly a Microblog.  :)

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