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Ear Tubes or No Ear Tubes?

It seems I may be morphing into a mommy-blog. "No! Say it isn't so Geochick!"


No, I'm not, but I am grasping at straws at what to write about these days. So, I figured I may as well ask for advice here.

S took Baby Z to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor yesterday since he has what amounts to a chronic antibiotic resistant ear infection. The ENT told S what we already knew...Baby Z could benefit from tubes in his ears since he's not effectively draining fluid. Then, he said that kids usually grow out of this problem by age 2 as the tubes grow and move from being flat to sloping downward. Let me take an aside here: "Hi, Evolution, WTF? You know babies are flat on their backs or tummies a good portion of the time, right? So, why are their little eustachian tubes flat and short?, hmmmm???"  S went ahead and scheduled the surgery for two weeks from now.

I tend to have a no-surgery unless absolutely necessary policy, so I'm not exactly thrilled about tubes even though they are proven to relieve chronic ear infections and it takes a whopping 5 minutes to put them in. The doctor even told S that they have general anesthesia dialed in so well these days that malpractice insurance has dropped to 1/5 of what it used to be. That's comforting...I guess.

Anyway, I have heard that chiropractic care can help alleviate the ear problems and I'm curious if that may be a road to go down with Baby Z, and we can always reschedule the surgery if needed. On the other hand, we could go ahead with the surgery, and if it doesn't help or they fall out immediately, then I'd be keen on trying an alternative. It's a conundrum, because chiropractic care probably isn't covered under S's insurance, and surgery is. Another aside: Why in the hell is surgery covered, but alternative therapies like chiropractic and acupuncture are not? They are proven to help prevent and fix all kinds of health issues! Ugh.

Pushing me toward surgery is the fact that a) it's super fast and easy, b) it's covered, c) our budget is f-cking tight right now, d) it works, e) it's one day vs. several appointments. Pushing me toward chiropractic is a) it's non-invasive, b) it's easy, c) it could work, d) I'm paying for therapy out of pocket, so why wouldn't I pay out of pocket for my kid and suck it up money-wise?

So, interwebs, what say you?

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