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#MicroblogMondays - The Carpet is Gone

Well, that title certainly could attract a different type of reader....

"Hello! Hi!, That's not what you think it is. Go ahead and click away unless you want to read about a flooded basement."

Over the past two weekends, S ripped out the carpet in our basement. For the most part, it wasn't all that surprising. Some of the carpet was still wet, especially the pad, and under furniture that we hadn't bothered to move, there was a happy colony of mold. Go figure.

The first surprise came right away when S started tearing out the carpet. Old, ugly, broken up and falling apart tile exists under the carpet.

The second surprise came in the office closet where we didn't think the carpet had gotten wet. We were wrong. Not only had it gotten wet, it was still wet. Like really wet. The mold is on the walls, and now we are contemplating getting the drywall tested to see if we need to cut out any sections in the basement.

Because we can't address the landscaping outside that contributes to flooding inside, we can't re-carpet right away. We need to figure out what we can put down temporarily that will allow us to use our basement again. We're basically living in 1,000 sq. ft. upstairs and all the toys are driving me bananas. I had no idea how much we rely on the basement to store some of the baby toys out of the way, or how much the office is a sanctuary for me to learn Jazz.ercise routines. Since we can't agree on what to put down flooring-wise, we're at a standoff. I don't know when we'll manage to get something in there.

The joys of home ownership.

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