Stitch Fix #4 - Loving My Stylist

I have found a stylist who seems to really get what I'm looking for! Dani sent me 5 items that I liked right away, and even sent a dress she saw that I had pinned on my Pinterest board.

I've been using Stitch Fix to refresh my wardrobe, and to break my habit of trolling clearance racks for my clothes. Plus, I can't shop department stores without getting overwhelmed, yet haven't found a smaller store that I really like.  In general, my wardrobe up till now consists of Express, which I've outgrown as a 41 year old, Gap, which is not as high quality as their prices lead me to believe, Banana Republic, which is fine, but a bit boring for my taste, and a smattering of Lucky Brand jeans. I've tried my hand at consignment shopping and have come up with a few great finds, but it's time consuming and frustrating more often than not.

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And a disclaimer, since I am on my fourth round of blogging about Stitch Fix. I am not a fashion blogger. I don't have great lighting or photography skills, and have yet to find a good place to take pictures of the clothes.

Without further ado...

Here's what I got in my box

Dani, my stylist wrote a great note that pointed out she listened to my requests for boyfriend jeans, and a flowy cardigan. Plus, she looked at my Pinterest board and sent the dress based on one of my pins. It made me so excited to look at everything.

Collective Concepts  Briella Dress

Collective Concepts Briella Dress

Collective Concepts Briella Dress - $68 - Kept

First up is the dress. The material is silky and it did not feel like a bag like I was afraid it would and has some shape to it that helps the fit. It's unlike anything else I have in my closet, and I can totally see wearing it to work with a jacket. The top is snug, which is weird for me considering I usually have the opposite problem, but it isn't super tight, more like it fits (whoa). I'm waffling just a tiny bit on keeping it because it is totally not something I would pick at a store even though I pinned it. The pin was more of a "I really like this, but don't know about it for me" kind of pin. And after writing that sentence, my next thought is, but that's the point of using this service and it's so comfortable!

Renee C Hubert Space Dye Open Cardigan

Renee C Hubert Space Dye Open Cardigan - $58 - Kept

I have a couple cardigans that are getting long in the tooth, so when I saw this one on


review, I immediately thought, "I need one of those!". I requested hers, but got this one instead. I'm totally ok with that, because I love the light feel and space dye. 

41Hawthorn Moni Geoprint & Camisole Blouse

41Hawthorn Moni Geoprint & Camisole Blouse - $58 - Returned

I wish this was more comfortable! It looks good in pics and I liked the print, again something I probably wouldn't choose for myself, but it did not fit well. The fabric felt stiff, like my grandma's polyester, and it was tight across the shoulders. So sad.

Daniel Rainn Adalena Tie Neck Top

Daniel Rainn Adalena Tie Neck Top

Daniel Rainn Adalena Tie Neck Top - $74 - Returned

Um. NO. While I liked the eyelet fabric and the navy color, the weird bagginess of the top right at my waistline does not do my short waist any favors. There is no way to cinch the waist of the top, so it just hangs there. Pretty sure you have to be 5'9" 133lb, not 5'3" 133lb to pull off this top.

Dear John Kyleigh Straight Leg Jean 

Dear John Kyleigh Straight Leg Jean - $78 - Kept

I saved the best for last. These jeans fit like a dream! With my short waist, childbearing hips (hahaha) and butt, I usually have the worst time fitting jeans. I had specifically asked for boyfriend jeans because I wanted a more relaxed pair of jeans for fall. At the moment, I'm having skinny jean fatigue, and that's pretty much my whole jean wardrobe minus a trouser pair that I only wear to work. I don't know that I'll keep the massive cuff, but that's easily remedied with some yo.utube videos on how to cuff jeans. :)

So, there you have it a success at 3/5 kept! Much like my last box, I liked everything when I pulled it out, it just came down to fit and feel for the most part. I think I'm on the right track!  I'm not sure that I can do this every month due to budgeting (Mi.nt is like an old-school nun at Cath.olic school standing over me with a ruler, and I get rapped on the knuckles often. That's not even a stereotype at least according to my dad's accounts of his grade school). Knowing that I can order up a box whenever I want to helps to keep my clearance-rack shopping at bay.  In the long run, I think this is saving money even though I'm paying retail for the pieces.

A note about my price point. When I first started, I set all the prices to the lowest possible range. Then, I got to thinking that if something spectacular was available (better fabrics, made in the USA, etc) I should be open to considering those options too. Especially clothing made in the USA, as part of my efforts to support local ('ish) business, farming, etc. So, I upped my price to their mid-level  with a bit of sticker shock thrown in, and have found that even though the upper end is pretty high, most of my pieces are falling into the lower end range. All that to say, don't be afraid of upping your  range. The stylists don't seem to automatically send a bunch of items over a $100 just because you said you are ok with it.

Another note about stylists. Dani is my third stylist, and I was really disappointed with my second Fix. So much so that I wondered if I should even give it another shot. (although, I wear that dress a lot, so it was worth it).  I asked for another stylist and got Dani on my third box. With these last 2 boxes, she has not sent anything that that I pulled out and thought, "really?" There's definitely been a little disappointment with fabric textures, but I think part of that is a sensory issue that I have. I can't stand anything that feels itchy, and a lot of stuff feels itchy on me. I can't wear cashmere or merino wool sweaters, and certain types of synthetic fabrics are a no-go. I've been pleased with the color palette and the choices she's given me. So, if you've had a bad box or two, keep at it. Set up a Pinterest page and start pinning stuff you like, be really specific about what you are looking for, and give them your measurements! I think that has helped tremendously in the bottoms that are chosen for me. At least, the last two fit perfectly.

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