Hi, I’m Tara.

What started out as a private blog to document our adoption journey has evolved into my journey through therapy, spiritual awakening and whatever I feel like writing. Without our struggles to build a family, I’m not sure I’d be waking up, and for that I’m grateful.

Bullet Points

Now that I have myself completely worked up over the direction of my career and trying to drop the pounds I've put on over the last year, certain things have fallen by the wayside. I feel bad for not posting this week, so here I go, spewing bullet-point style and in no particular order.

  • My temporary job is going pretty well, and I had a major freak-out over what to do at the end of it. S finally stared at me exasperated, "Do what you want to do right now!" Hey good advice that is totally lost on me!  I think I will have to go back to my old job for a while, then apply for this one, but I haven't broached that subject to my temporary supervisors. Since the job I'm in right now isn't a promotion, they may be able to lateral me over without having to go through the application process. I'm ready for a career change, and even though the job is program management, not engineering, I have a really strong technical background that will be an asset. Plus, if I want to go back to engineering and become a manager in my old group then having this experience is a plus. So..I think I've decided. It's hard to leave project work behind though. One of my current projects is an interesting and complicated problem that I like in theory. Its the execution of the complicated-part where I always feel like I don't do well. But, maybe that's a universal feeling among engineers?
  • X started swim lessons on Monday. The Y we go to for lessons was under remodel last year and it was a total nightmare. Thankfully, they have the new pool finished, and there are no sets of stairs to navigate! Plus they have family changing rooms that have a shower and sink and lots of space in them. It's pure heaven compared to last winter's debacle of stairs upon stairs to get to the locker rooms, then back up to the pool.
  • Speaking of walking, Baby Z started walking right around his birthday and now he's picking up speed. Just the other day, he blazed by me and tumbled down 4 steps to the landing. *sigh* Good thing babies are made of rubber as it only scared him, and he hasn't gone near the stairs since. I give it another couple days before he forgets and goes for it again.
  • We are late getting our letters and pictures to the agency and Baby Z's 1stmom inquired about where they are. While I'm embarrassed that we are a month late with the 1-year letter, I'm encouraged that she is inquiring about it. At least we know she's reading them and we aren't just sending them into a black hole of nothingness, which is what it feels like a lot of the time. Especially since she has yet to give us a picture of her despite repeated requests! That really bothers me.
  • I'm on my third week of Eat to Perform, and have been working on getting the right amounts of protein, carb, and fat. Much of this program is centered on fueling the body with the right proportion of macro nutrients so that your metabolism functions efficiently. It's so different than anything I've ever done that it's been way more challenging than I realized.
  • Along with the ETP, I picked up another Jazz.ercise class and am now teaching on Wednesdays at 6am. oof. This week was my first week and unfortunately, my Thursday afternoon class suffered because of it. I was so tired on Thursday and my muscles were fatigued just enough that I had a major bonk in the middle of class despite eating prior to working out. It'll take a little while to get it regulated I think, but having Wednesday morning then Thursday afternoon should be enough recovery time, if I fuel correctly in-between!
  • I bought a Polar Loop and chest strap to keep track of daily activity and calorie burn during workouts and I must say, I love it! I really wish that FitBit had figured out the HR issue, but the Charge HR isn't accurate and that would drive me bananas. If I'm recording a training session, I need accuracy, therefore the annoyance of the chest strap must continue.
  • I rode my bike over the weekend. That was the second time I've gotten on the bike since August 29th. heh. 
  • One of these days, I'll write my century ride post. I swear.

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