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School Choice

X starts kindergarten (!) next year, and tonight, I panicked. We haven't toured any elementary schools, the applications are due at the end of January for the 2016-17 school year, and time is running short to figure out how to rank the schools around us. 

I thought I had it all figured out. There's a public charter school that's language immersion (Spanish and Mandarin) and I decided last year that it's our top pick. I toured it, and decided that X, with his advanced language skills would take to the environment. Besides, it's a diverse school, which will be good for X. He'll learn Spanish and learn some things about his culture that wouldn't otherwise be addressed in a traditional school. I thought it was done. This school would be our #1, and our neighborhood school would be our #2.

Easy, right?

Sure, until I realized that our neighborhood school is blindingly white (87%), and getting X into a diverse environment has to be at the top of our list. The thing about being a transracial adoptive family is that we have to remember that our kid doesn't get his culture at home. Sending him to a white school and having him come home to a white family isn't the best option. We need to try to get him into a more diverse environment. Usually, that means moving. 

Well, we're selfish and have not moved, although it comes up in conversation every few months or so. The language immersion school is popular, and a lottery system. They fill kindergarten with siblings first, then use the lottery to fill the rest of the spots. Our neighborhood school is not diverse, and schools around us that are more diverse take less than 50% of the students who try to choice in.

I think I also read that if we don't list the neighborhood school as our #1 choice on the application, that even though we are within the boundary, we lose the priority of getting into the school. Awesome.

So, over the next several weeks, we will be touring 5 schools near us. We can list 5 schools on the application. X will get into one of them, right?

This makes me feel like we should've moved. Pretty sure that won't get accomplished by the end of January.

Hellllloooo stress. Welcome back.

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