Stitch Fix #5

It's been 2 months since my last Fix, and I have been eagerly awaiting my box! And...I need a little help choosing!

Here's what Dani chose for me this time:


Margaret M Emer Jacquard Print Cropped Pant - $98 - Returned

I was super excited about the Margaret M Emer Pant after seeing them all over Pinterest.  Unfortunately, it was not to be. They were too small, and pulled down in the back along with being too tight around my thighs. I suppose I could try to request them again in a larger size. Dani sent a petite small, and I have a feeling that a petite medium or a regular small would have been a better fit. 


Meade Lace Overlay Blouse - $64 - Returned

I want to like it, but I think it makes me look wide. Plus, it's driving me bananas that the lace pattern doesn't line up with the v-neck. I'm already crooked most of the time, I don't need to be accentuating my jacked up back.


Fate Howardson Striped Lightweight Sweater - $68 - Returned

*sigh* This has 5% wool. I gave it a try and immediately had to take it off because it was too itchy. Wool is a giant NO. It's too bad, because this is a really cute sweater and I would have kept it if the fabric was different. I'm kind of disappointed, because I thought I had stated that I can't tolerate wool in my profile, but maybe she chose it because there was very little in the blend.


Tart Anahi Knit Blazer  and Jessa Wide Leg Denim Trouser - Blazer $148, Jean $118- Keep both??? I need opinions!

I really like this blazer for work The fit is great, and it's something a little different than the ubiquitous cardigan.  The jeans fit wonderfully and are totally appropriate for my work environment. Plus they are right length! Even though I own a few pairs of high heels, I've pretty much given up on them all together. I always have problems with pants and jeans being too long, especially since I won't wear a heel over 2-inches anymore.

There you have it. I wasn't overly thrilled with the fix this time around, and I'm not sure what I was expecting. Dani looked at my Pinterest and chose items specifically because of what I put on my board. So maybe my board isn't reflecting what I want? Or, I'm wishing I'd get at least one item that's more edgy. I'm still having trouble with fit of some of the items (pants, ugh) even though I put my measurements on my profile and tried to be as detailed as possible about the difference between a regular and petite size. I almost always have to go up a size in petite. But, the jeans are a 28 petite and the pants were a small petite. I can't really fault Dani for batting a 0.500 on my pants. I just went through the hell of trying to find new pants at Ban.ana Rep.ublic. I tried on five pairs and walked out with one. The gray pants in the photo with the lace shirt are the only BR pants that I tried recently that fit reasonably well. Definitely not as well as these jeans I got in my fix though!

Let me know what you think between the blazer and jean. Naturally, they are the most expensive items, so I'm not entirely sure if I want to keep both of them. I would wear both...

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