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How Many Calories Do I Need?

In my last post on weight issues, I was pointed in a few directions. I decided to pursue two of them after some research. Because I hate being restricted, I looked into Eat to Perform and the Go Kaleo Blog. I also checked out the Willpower Instinct from the library, and have slowly been making my way through it. At the moment, I'm taking an observant approach to how my willpower ebbs and flows. One of the most interesting points in the book is that willpower is akin to a muscle. It takes developing, and becomes depleted when we successfully use it, thus why we can easily use it one time, then just as easily cave in the very next decision. I might have to buy the book, because I can tell it's one of those that I might need to keep around for reference. I have a feeling it's a slow process!

 Both Eat to Perform and Go Kaleo  pointed me in the direction of calculating how many calories I really need to eat. I used this one to figure out what my basal metabolic rate is.  Here is what it comes up with on a typical exercise day in which all I do is teach Jazzercise for 1 hour, sit on my ass at work for 8 hours, then chase kids around in the evening.

Well, now that's a far cry from the measly 1200+workout calories MFP tells me to eat!  

In addition to figuring out my calories, I also need some kind of motivator, so I joined Eat to Perform after perusing the blog for a few weeks. On their forums, they offer to do a Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) calculation as well as daily macro targets (carbs, protein, fat). Mine turned out to be a bit different than the health-calc calculator based on how I answered the survey questions.  I'm finding that I'm a major carb-monster, eat only about 1/2 the protein I need on a daily basis, and like to go over fat quite often. *sigh* I've gained 2 pounds (not unheard of when starting) and I'm pretty frustrated with figuring out how to eat more protein. I realize it may take a while to get dialed into shifting eating habits, not to mention I haven't been working out as hard the last 3 weeks due to lots of traveling for work. 

So, there I am, a little ol' Jazzercise instructor and newbie cyclist hanging out in the ETP forums with all the Cross-Fitters and Olympic Lifters. ha. I need to try to add in weight training, but at this point, we don't have the money for me to start at a gym, so I'm going up in weight at Jazzercise from 8lb to 9lb hand weights, which is quite a challenge. I'm also adding one more class a week to teach, and will try to get to a Strength45 class on Saturdays as much as I can throughout the winter. 

Hopefully, I get to share progress soon, because freaking hormones be damned, I'm gonna' fit into my clothes!

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