#MicroblogMondays - Do You Have Resolutions?

I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. I've tried in the very distant past, and then it became clear to me that resolutions are pretty much made to be broken. There are so many resolutions I could make: be a more patient parent, partner, sibling, daughter; learn more Jazzercise routines instead of learn a handful, then freak out when the next set of routines comes around; drink less, meal plan and prep....you get the general idea.

But I don't make those resolutions because I'll ultimately fail at them, like immediately. Instead, I prefer to take baby steps and work on these things every day, giving myself permission to totally f*ck up then start anew. I've been working on that attitude for a long time and for me, it's a healthier way to approach all the things I want to fix.

So what about you? Do resolutions work for you?